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Working on Large Institutional & Commercial Construction Projects

Rice Construction Group Pty Ltd focuses on large-scale construction and institutional buildings like hospitality, health care, aged care, nursing homes and various residential construction. Execution of projects has been completed under conventional contracts, design and construction contracts and turnkey finance packages.

We focus on providing quality construction services to our clients and to do so we only recruit qualified, experienced and talented staff. In this evolving industry and to sustain quality standards of our construction work we undertake ongoing enhancement program which educate our entire staff including foreman, trades persons, technical staff and back-office staff, we are ceaselessly improving to represent the dynamic idea of the construction business.

In the past couple of years we have completed noticeable and diversified construction projects including corporate houses, commercial construction, industrial buildings, civil and residential projects. Our success lies in our team, utilising a team member collaborative approach, knowledge and experience we delivered quality construction solutions to our clients. To provide high standard construction work we utilise latest technology and machineries. To cope with this evolving industry we keep ourselves up to date by improving our knowledge, service and quality standards.

Rice Construction Group provides construction services to government organisations and the private sector. Our services include; project evaluation and preparation of project briefs, engagement and coordination of consultants, obtaining permission from concerned authority and giving advice on various aspects of projects from conception to completion.

Our firm is committed to producing quality in every project undertaken and adhering to strict budgets while regarding the dynamic requirements of our clients. The highest safety and quality standards are met in the process which is evident by our large list of satisfied clients.


Rice Construction Group Pty Ltd has fine-tuned its ability to find the perfect site selection for clients. Along with a specialised group of consultants we can design the building that perfectly caters to your needs whilst maintaining a cost effective and environmentally friendly design.

Property Development

Rice Construction Group Pty Ltd specialise in making Property Development a reality. Combining our experience along with professional advice from commended law, architectural and real estate firms we cater for:

  • Land sale negotiation
  • Legal services including agreement to lease, and lease agreements
  • Authority approval
  • Development design
  • Contract negotiation and management
  • Project management
  • Property management

After 15 years of specialising in property management, we’re continuing to grow our clients’ portfolios with a variety of government, commercial, industrial and residential properties. Most of the properties and entities that are developed and built by Rice Construction Group Pty Ltd are managed by Rice Developments Pty Ltd.

Design and Construction

During the past 30 years that the Rice Group has been involved in the construction industry, we have put together the best available team of industry-specific consultants including architects, designers and engineers from all disciplines, from all over NSW and QLD. With this team of experienced consultants and our in house expertise, it places us far in front of the competition when it comes to design and construct contracts.

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