Bushfire Construction Standards

The Australian bushfire crisis that we witnessed in the 2019 – 2020 summer undoubtedly rocked the nation and countries across the globe. The devastating impact that the bushfires had on the natural land, the wildlife, human life, residences and businesses is a significant occurrence that will never be forgotten. Unfortunately, we can’t ignore that the hot and dry Australian climate will cause it to happen again sometime in the future. We urge our clients who are living in a location that is prone to bushfires to ensure that they check that their property is prepared for potential bushfires this summer. To view a list of basic property maintenance tips please visit the NSW Rural Fire Service website.


It is also incredibly important to make sure that your residence or commercial building meets bushfire construction standards in order to avoid a tragedy or reduce the risk of severe damage. The bushfire construction standards can be accessed via SIA Global up until June 2021 or Techstreet. If you would like a guide on how to access these standards please visit the SIA global website which outlines the process. The bushfire construction standards will provide you with information and knowledge to improve your building’s resistance to bushfire attacks caused by flames, burning embers and/or radiant heat. 


A few changes to your house can make it all that more fire proof. Designing a new house or adding to an existing property with the future in mind is essential to fireproof your home. For example, you may build or replace your deck or verandah with fire retardant timber and sealing off the area underneath between the deck and the ground is a great mechanism to prevent embers from becoming trapped under the building. Designing your roof so that it is pitched with smooth steep slopes will reduce the amount of leaf buildup across the roof and in the gutters. Another sensible approach is to place fire plugs in your gutters which connect to your hose or water system so that you can run water through your gutters before or during a fire outbreak emergency. You can fire proof your home by replacing your timber cladding and decking with other materials including brick, earth, stone, concrete or galvanised iron.


Please don’t hesitate to contact our staff at Rice Construction Group who will give you guidance or a quote on how to upgrade your home so that it meets these bushfire construction standards and keeps you and your family or employees safe this summer and in the future.

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