Outdoor Renovations For Your New England Home

Are you looking for some inspiration to spruce up your backyard? The truth is, all Australians love to spend time in their backyard whether playing with the kids, gardening, enjoying the serenity, or hosting a barbecue to entertain friends. If your backyard isn’t up to scratch or is lacking aesthetics then you may have thought about renovating the area. We have put together five suggestions on how to give your outdoor space a makeover and make it all the more beautiful for yourselves and your guests!

Outdoor Kitchen

If you are a keen entertainer, then an outdoor kitchen is just what you need to cook up a storm and serve your guests their meals on your stunning outdoor dining table! What better way to spend your summer nights watching the kids play sport while your guests chat to you while you prepare their meals. Or even better, in winter you can prepare a warm meal while everyone chats around a fire-pit with a drink in hand!

Outdoor kitchens can be designed to suit your hospitality needs. While it may sound like a huge expense, you can still install a barbecue, bench top, washing basin and a fridge to keep within a budget. If you want the real deal and have a large budget and lots of room, then why not be extravagant and set up an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven, cupboards, mini bar, smoker and possibly a dishwasher!

Modern Outdoor Kitchen with greeneries and view


Living in New England undoubtedly exposes you to the four very distinct seasons, one of those seasons being slightly chilly and the other one being very chilly! Building a fire-pit is a sensible move that will likely come into use all the time! Whether you toast marshmallows, cook dinner in a camp oven or just enjoy the warmth of the flames and the clear night sky, a fire-pit is a gorgeous asset to your backyard.

An amazing Fire Pit built for chilly seasons

Build a Deck

There is something incredibly appealing about a deck, whether it is adjoined to the home or in a separate area of your backyard. A deck might be one of the first things you have considered building to boost the value of your home and create an outdoor living area for your family and guests. Comfortable seating and a dining table will allow you to spend more time outside under the sun and adding roofing will provide shade and ensure that wet weather won’t stop you and your loved ones from having a great time.

A wooden deck built in a backyard of a modern home


Water Features

Trickling water in a calm environment will have you feeling relaxed and content within your own backyard. Installing a water feature including a pond and/or a water fountain is one way to add a little bit of luxury to your outdoor space and turn it into a piece of paradise. Place fish in your pond to add a magical touch, implement soft lighting and lay large stones around the water for a resort like feel.

A calming water fountain installed in the backyard


Paved Pathways

A paved pathway combined with tasteful landscaping and gardening is a simple yet effective strategy to upgrade your backyard and add value to your home. Paved pathways around your garden can direct eyes to key focal points including your home entrance, a water feature, a gorgeous garden or an entertainment area. They also play a key part in directing your guests to certain areas.

Be creative when thinking about the design for your pathways. You may opt for pavers, bricks or stones and choose to make them straight or curvy. Another option is to use mosaics or a mix of materials to create a unique feature. Add some magic by lighting up your pathway with solar ground lights or hanging vintage led lights for those darker hours.

A paved pathway built for landscaping and gardening

Want to give the outdoor of your residence a new look that suits your style? Then contact Rice Group, a Building Construction Company that will give an amazing makeover to your outdoor.

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