Rustic Bathroom Ideas For 2021

Are you looking to renovate or build a new bathroom in your country home? We have put together some tips, tricks and ideas for you to take into consideration when you transform an ordinary country bathroom into an extraordinary one!


Rustic Reclaimed Mirror

One thing everyone can agree on is that every bathroom needs a good mirror. If you opt for a repurposed rustic mirror, it will become the stand out feature in your new bathroom. Rustic usually screams vintage and combined with modern tiles and brass accents, your bathroom will have the perfect contrast of colours and textures.

Repurposed rustic mirror used in a modern bathroom

Corrugated Ceiling or Walls

If you are looking for a rustic, farm style bathroom then you cannot go wrong with weathered corrugated iron across the ceiling or used to make a stunning feature wall. The deep earthy and metallic tones of rusted iron will be the perfect contrast against fresh white tones of paint as well as the basin and bathtub!

Corrugated ceiling and wall for a rustic, farm style bathroom

Vintage Ladder for Towels

A vintage ladder can be repurposed as a beautiful towel rack in your country style bathroom. Dust off that old wooden farm ladder, oil it, or give it a paint if you wish and pop it up against a wall to hang your family’s towels on. It will give your country bathroom a lot of character and save you from having to purchase hooks and bathroom shelves.

Repurposed Vintage Ladder used a beautiful towel rack

Architectural Details

If you’re renovating an old home that has since had brick or stone walls covered up then don’t be afraid to expose part of the old wall to create a stunning feature wall! If the colour of the stone or brick doesn’t quite match the aesthetic of your bathroom don’t be afraid to paint the wall a neutral colour, this will keep your aesthetic but add a fun new texture to the area.

A modern bathroom with brick wall with a rustic bathtub

Neutral Colours

Paint or tile your walls in country white, a soft hue of grey or earthy tones to achieve a certain look! These tones make it easy to match antique decor and add other pops of colour throughout your new bathroom if you wish!

Neutral coloured bathroom with a soft hue of grey or earthy tones


Stone or Trough Basins

Elements like a trough bought from an agriculture store, a reused trough or a natural stone or copper basin will really amp up your bathroom, giving it a rustic country feel. Pair it with a large brass bathtub or tapware to really bring your bathroom to life.

A Stone basin used to achieve a rustic country feel bathroom


Wood, Wood, Wood!

Having wood in your new bathroom is an essential factor in achieving that rustic look you’re going for. Whether it’s wooden counters, countertops, shelves, accents or floors, having stained or natural wood will instantly liven up your bathroom. Wood can be stained or painted to match any colour theme you are going with and adds a new dimension to your renovation.

Wooden wall and shelves used to store towels and tissues


Out with the New, In with the Old

Repurposing old household items into new furniture really brings a whole new meaning to rustic. For example, using old rusty metal buckets hung upside down as light coverings, or an old tap screwed to the wall as a towel or robe hook. Even old wooden milk crates hung on the wall as shelves, reusing old materials is not only affordable but environmentally friendly too!

Repainted Wooden Crates used as a storage in a bathroom

Need to renovate your bathroom from dull & boring to flamboyant & fabulous? Then contact Rice Group Construction Company to transform your bathroom into an extraordinary one.

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