Choosing the right exterior roofing material for your new home

For those of you building a brand new home, choosing which exterior roofing material you use can be a hard decision to make. Functionality and aesthetics come into play with significant differences between each type of roofing material. It’s not only the importance of a roof over your head, but also the impact on re-sale, how well your home fits in with the rest of your neighbourhood and what environment you live in.


Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are exactly what they seem with fantastic durability and longevity, increasing their strength with age and exposure to the sun. These tiles are available in many different colours and shapes, including colour protecting technologies that will keep your home looking brand new! If you plan for resale in the future, concrete tiles are a fabulous option with their easy maintenance and modern aesthetics.


Terracotta Tiles

Like concrete tiles, terracotta roof tiles are long lasting and durable but they will also naturally insulate your home and are considered to be a significant eco-friendly roof tiling option. They are a gorgeous classic, adding a sophisticated touch to your new home with their rich, neutral and earthy colour. These tiles will likely blend well into your neighbourhood.


Solar Tiles

If you are looking to cut costs and increase green points, solar tiles are a fabulous roofing material to consider. Not only are they extremely energy efficient, environmentally friendly and have low maintenance costs, but they are also sleek and modern in style! Most modern, quality homes have solar tiles built in and if you didn’t want to use them across your entire roof, you could purchase tile integrated panels that blend in with other roofing tiles.


Metal Sheeting

Metal sheeting including galvanised steel iron, Colorbond steel or Zincalume Steel are extremely durable, modern and long lasting options to consider for the roof of your new home. Most metal sheeting options can last up to 40 years in Australia’s harsh weather conditions. Water collection, noise reduction and temperature insulation are just some benefits of Colorbond and Zincalume steel roofing. These options are eco friendly, energy efficient and protect your home against mildew. Colorbond comes in a range of 22 colours and many styles and textures to choose from while Zincalume comes in one standard aluminium colour, although it is more affordable than Colorbond but also less energy efficient. Both of these options are very low maintenance. Galvanised steel iron is usually dark or light grey and is a less popular option due to its ability to corrode more quickly in harsh weather conditions, however if you would like the rustic aesthetic then this may be a great option for you to consider as a decorative layer to your roof.


Are you confused about choosing the right roofing material for your house? Don’t worry, Rice Group Construction Company is here to help you. We will assist you in selecting the perfect exterior roofing material. Contact us for more information.

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