Energy Efficient Homes in the New England

Are you building a new home or thinking about how you could improve your existing home to be more energy efficient? There are easy fixes such as shopping around for the best energy provider, cracking down on bad habits and becoming more energy conscious by switching off lights and power points when you don’t need them or reducing the amount of hot water you use in your home. However, we have listed a few larger fixes that will have a significant impact on your energy bills and the environment. 


Solar Power

Solar power is becoming an increasingly popular strategy to ensure homes and businesses are more energy efficient and kinder on the environment. The sun has plentiful energy to power your home so why not use it by installing solar panels? Although initially expensive to install, solar panels can reduce your energy bills significantly and also reserve the energy for cloudy days when you may need to use electrical appliances the most.

Family observing solar powered panels

Glazed Windows

One very important aspect to consider when you are building a home in New England is whether you would like to install double glazed windows to retain hot air in the winter and cold air in the summer – not a terrible idea! If you don’t make the right choice to begin with, it can be an expensive option after your house has been built. If you have already bought a home without double glazed windows then you might prefer to install curtains or blinds as a cheaper alternative.


Draught Proofing

Does your home have small gaps where heat escapes and cool currents come in? These are known as draughts and fixing them can have lasting benefits. Draught proofing your home is one of the most cost effective ways of reducing your energy bills. You can simply block any gaps in windows, floorboards or doors with draught excluders to stop hot or cold air from moving around the objects.

Sealing window gaps by draught proofing

Update Hot Water Systems

Is your hot water system ticking on? An old, less energy efficient hot water system may be contributing a whole lot to your energy bill. Hot water systems play a big role in the everyday activities you do including drinking water, laundry washing, dish washing and showering. It often uses more electricity than any other appliance in your home so replacing your old hot water system with a modern, energy efficient hot water system will do wonders!


Insulation is an Investment

If you live in New England, you probably already know that it gets very very cold in winter and can be fairly hot in summer! The best way to regulate temperature and stay comfortable during the four distinct seasons is to invest in ceiling, wall and floor insulation. The insulation works hand in hand with your air conditioners or heaters so that they do not become overtaxed.

Insulation being built in a house for extreme winter or summer conditions

Need advice or make your home more energy efficient which impact saving the environment? Then contact Rice Group Construction Company to make your homes more energy efficient.

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