Home Storage Solutions

Have you just bought a home with minimal storage space or are you building a home and want to be clever when it comes to hiding all of the linen, appliances, toys and clothes? Cupboards are one way to store additional possessions however it is not the only way! We have listed 5 storage solutions for your home!


Add a Mudroom

You might consider turning your large entrance hallway into a modern mudroom by adding hooks, shelves and lockers for each family member. This is an effective way of keeping everyone’s shoes, coats and bags in the same spot where it is most convenient! A mudroom doesn’t have to look the way it sounds, paint it fresh and make sure there are cupboards for everyone’s shoes so that they don’t make the whole area look dirty and unkept. You may even add a bench and nice cushions for pretty decor!

A Modern Mudroom built in a house

Clean Out the Basement

Is your basement or backroom an unorganised mess?! It is time to go through the sea of “things” and sort out what gets thrown, which items go to charity and what needs to stay. If you have been looking for motivation, this is it. Add shelves along the wall and buy some white, black or cane storage boxes to organise your belongings. The basement doesn’t have to look like a basement either, if you put some creative thought into it, you can turn the basement into a kids room or an extra lounge room as a parents retreat instead.

A clean and organised basement with storage boxes

Unseen Staircase Storage

If you have been storing bulky suitcases and toy boxes under the stairs for years and you are overwhelmed when you notice the mess every time you walk past, then this is a great suggestion for you! Install pull out draws and cupboards to hide the unwanted visible mess.

A wooden unseen storage drawers under the stairs

Platform beds

Make the beds in your home all the more useful by buying platform beds with pull out storage underneath. These are especially handy for kids rooms to store toys, clothes, shoes and bags. Under bed storage allows you to utilise a wide space that would otherwise be unused. Having less cupboards and storage units sitting in your bedroom will also make the interior look much larger and more open, especially in smaller bedrooms.

Platform bed with storage underneath

Clothes and books as decor

Free Standing racks are a fantastic solution for those bedrooms without a built in closet or if you simply have no more room! Hang all of your gorgeous garments on the freestanding closet and watch your bedroom be transformed into a vintage dressing room. This will also force you to keep everything organised instead of an avalanche mess in the closet. While we are talking about bedrooms, why don’t you continue to decorate that space by adding bookshelves and racks to the walls to store the abundance of novels and magazines you own?

Hanging storage rack for books and decorations

Is the house is becoming a mess due to less storage facility? Then worry not. Rice Group are a building contractor from Tamworth who will provide you with the best home storage solutions.

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